InTray Dermatophyte Test

The InTrayTM dermatophyte culture system allows the the identification of dermatophytes to be carried out completely within a sealed culture medium. Inoculation, incubation and reading all take place within the convenient plastic tray, allowing undisturbed dermatophyte growth which enhances identification and minimises exposure to the practitioner.

InTray Test

 The InTrayTM combines inoculation, growth and observation due to it's speciallly formulated,enriched medium, which produces distinctive morphology and increases specificity by inhibiting both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.The InTrayTM accepts hair, nail or skin samples and once inoculated and resealed, requires no further contact with the organism. The presence of dermatophytes will cause a yellow-to-red colour change. In as few as four days, specific dermatophytes may be identified easily by placing the InTrayTM on the microscope stage. Undisturbed differentiating features of the macroconidia and microconidia are observed on the medium and underside of the clear plastic cover.


A dermatophyte identification chart to help identify Dermatophytes grown by the InTrayTM can be viewed by selcting the PDF from the Side Menu





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